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eyepaste.com is a free disposable email service.


Why does the world need another disposable email service? Why don't we all just use other ones? The answer is that we don't need one. Really, I need one that is as good as 2prong.com is/was. Problem is that 2prong.com is not always up and I wanted one that is always (or least usually) up. So, I took 2prong.com's basic concept (the code was open sourced so i feel like this is ok) and re-created it in sinatra and now we have the glory of eyepaste.


A disposable email address has been ready-made for you in the box above. Use it to sign up for something that requires email address verification but you know they will send you copious amounts of spam... it is too onerous to make a fake email address on gmail or hotmail, or yahoo mail or whatever.

To check your disposable email address, this page will simply refresh automatically when an email is received! or you can just bookmark it directly, or even get an RSS feed of emails coming into the box. It's good for 1 hours, then all mail will be removed.