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Isn't this a rip-off of the old 2prong.com circa 2005/6? (domain now squatted)


Why is it called eyepaste.com?

in 2003 i bought the domain name eyepaste.com and intended it to be a site where you could easily upload photos from your cellphone / camera phone. Then a few months later a lot of big sites were doing this and i hadn't really done anything yet except draw the logo -- which looks really good big (see the original eyepaste.com splash page -- so i never programmed it. the name is so good, i decide to use it here...

Will this site rotate the email address domain names like 2prong did?

Well, maybe. It's not hard technically, but the site doesn't get a lot of traffic so I don't think service providers are going to start banning it en masse. If you ever have a problem with a service provider banning an eyepaste.com email address, please leave feedback and I can start a rotation.